Area Bicentennial

August 12 – August 19, 2017

1817 - 2017


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Your Help and Ideas are Needed

The Bicentennial Committee hopes you plan to participate in our Bicentennial Celebration. We are always glad to have you here in the town we are proud to call home. Would you like to volunteer? Send an email to elizabethville2017@gmail.com. Thank you.

The Elizabethville Area Bicentennial History Committee is looking for local historical items. We are currently working on the history book, as well as a DVD series to document the rich local history of Elizabethville, and the surrounding area which includes mainly Washington Township. The committee is seeking historical information, specifically, historical post cards, photographs, movies, video showing street scenes, buildings, or a large gathering of people as well as historical documents and papers. Any information submitted will be copied and promptly returned to the donor. Please call (717)362-9935 to make arrangements share your historical treasurers. Thank you.

Grand Parade Information

August 19th, 2017

The Elizabetvhille Area Bicentennial Committee invites you to participate in the GRAND PARADE on August 19th, 2017. Click below for more information and forms: